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I don’t need to use digital marketing.

You do.  You need to connect with your customers in a way that’s proven.  There are tens of thousands of internet users in your region.  Reach them in a way that you can’t through traditional means.



I already have a facebook page.

That’s great news!  But just how effective is it?  Do you or your staff know the ins and outs of successful online strategies?  How to run specific targeted campaigns to your customers?  What about to reach those who haven’t connected with your page?  Have you done a cost analysis of online vs. traditional advertising and know the direct impact on your bottom line?



I run a chain so I already have the online advertising I need.

It’s great that national companies budget to market large-scale.  But what about reaching directly to your customer first-hand?  People want to connect with your business on a more personal level with social media.  That personal touch is what attracts new customers and maintains current clientele’s loyalty, in a way you can soon discover.



I can’t afford it.

Our services range from small campaigns for special event promotion, all the way to comprehensive brand-building.  Our entry level packages for small business start at only $250 per cycle.



I don’t understand how it all works.

Don’t worry, we can train you or your staff to understand, plus give you thorough analytic reports after each campaign so you can judge the impact, first-hand.

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